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Module calculator Jpersonalize for Joomla 1.5 and or Juser/Might

For Joomla 1.5 To insert users personal details in your module, so your content is much more personal. Works with standaard Joomla and with Jusers from Joomlaequipment. This module lets you put your PHP code in it!
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Manufacturer: Robusoft

Insert the current user's name in this module. It communicates with JUSER from joomlaequipment and MightyExtensions . For Joomla 1.5.x

  • This module can do the JPersonalize options, beside you can put your PHP code in it.
  • {username} will be replaced by the username.
  • {name} will be replaced by the user's full name.
  • {email} will be replaced by the user's e-mail address.
  • {usertype} will be replaced by the user's usertype (Registered, Editor, etc...)
  • {registerdate} will be replaced by the user's date of registration.
  • {id} will be replaced by the user's id
  • {lastvisitdate} will be replaced by todays date
  • {juser title field with everything in it incl. space eq "Age: "} wil be replaced by the user's "Age: " - value

You can put your simple calculations between [% 3*5 %] (gives 15 in module)
Between {%  and %} you can put your php code.
If the module is unpublished, or the user is not logged in, the tags will simply be removed and a message wil be displayed to log in.


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