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Proudly presenting VtigerSQL

VtigerSQL is the connector software for using our Virtuemart connector software. It is needed for the Virtuemart connection software like the VM-Component, VTaccount plugin and vm plugin. You can see in our Software Table when you need VtigerSQL. Our VtigerSQL is a tool to make a direct connection with VtigerCRM. We also developed a Joomla Vtiger Customer portal 5.3 and 5.4 (5.x)  for joomla version 1.7 / 2.5. We also made it possible to get help with installation with the VtigerCRM. Or check out our new VtigerSQL Module for direct installation inside VtigerCRM.

The VtigerSQL Module can be used to install inside your VtigerCRM. Be aware that on some hosting servers it is not permitted to make a call at a directory depth needed to use the VtigerSQL Module. This means that on some hosting providers it is not possible to use the module.

You can go direct to download pages  or Check out OUR NEW Vtiger Portal Component! ==>> Demo Movie. After you register you can download the free VtigerSQL Connector, the free vtiger component and many free plugins, also you may download the new FREE Robusoft Vtiger Customer Portal, and last but not least you may ask us questions. We like to hear from you and of our products. Write it down in our guestbook. See our  Joomla Vtiger Customer Portal Product Compare.

Latest new Component is the Virtuemart-Vtiger Component to manual syncronize Joomla Virtuemart Orders, Accounts, Contacts and Products into VtigerCRM. You can go direct to download pages. Or buy our standard version in our shop.

In the above process we've developed also an connector between SQL-Ledger and Vtiger, we call it VtigerSQL. This connector is free to download. It synchronizes the data between SQL-Ledger Customer dbase and the VTiger Contacts Database. It is also needed to communicate with our plugins. This free version only adds new customers made in SQL-Ledger to Vtiger's Contact database and also the other way round. It only does that. Our future version, we are developing rigth now, comes with the next function, making changes synchronized between both programs for Customers and Contacts. We also put in a extra RSFORM connector to make joomla talking to VTiger. Register and you see our vtigerform. (our first is here, but our version 1.2 after you register).

Our development hangs on the donations we receive.  The first version is for free and can be download from here.
Where do we go from here:
1. We make the next step with data sync for old customers / contacts.
2. Connection for Vendors.
3. Goods and services.
4. Invoices.
5. Make it a multi server / hosting program.
6. Maybe more (hangs on developments cost).

Future versions become only availably to people who have donated to our course. After your donation you get access to the next version when its ready. We are working on step 1.


This script synchronizes the customer data between SQL-Ledger 2.8.30 and Vtiger 5.2.1. This script was created in Dec. 2010 and is still under development. This program wil sync new customers or Contacts both ways. (SQL-Ledger VTiger). This script only looks for new customers on both sides, the next will do also data changes in old customers or Contacts records. You automatically get it when you donate a minimum of 100 (Euro / Dollar).
If you donate to us, we can develop the next version, and you get a instruction on how to make this web-page automatic. If you donate 25 Euro or 30 Dollar you get this instruction, if you donate from 100 you get the version with the next possibilities. Both programs (SQL-Ledger and Vtiger) must be on the same server.

We also developed an RSFORMS connector, so now it is possible to become LEADS in Vtiger Through RSFORM's form. You must register to see it work. It is even possible to use RSFORMS on a remote host / server. In this way you can implement your Joomla site into VTiger.  If you register you get access to an example RSFORM backup with the form used in this Site.

Right now we're working on an User registration with Vtiger connection (with possiblilities to use JUser / Mighty User). This connector is gone work in both ways. At this moment we are READY making an connection Joomla -> Virtuemart -> Vtiger. Register and you will find more about our Vtiger -> Joomla connector.

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